Motor Insurance

Motor Commercial Vehicle

This policy is for commercially registered vehicles, designed and used for the insured’s own business.

Motorcycle & Tuktuk

Cycles used for business are insurable.

Motor Private Car

We provide insurance to all types of vehicles owned individually or by an organization and used for pleasure, social, domestic and in connection with the insured’s business.

Passenger Hire & Reward

This product caters for the needs of the licensed passenger transport trade.

Tankers & General Cartage Hire & Reward

This policy applies to a type of vehicle that is used for the carriage of goods for others on hire and/or reward such as lorries, trucks, pickups, trailers & motor trade.

Motor Insurance Classes
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  • Comprehensive
  • =YearlySubscription
  • Vehicles are insured for the current market value. There are various events that may lead to a loss of the vehicle and hence the source of financial loss to the insured. These are all insured and include accidental own damage. The vehicle may sustain damage by collision or over turning and these outcomes are insured. The vehicle may be stolen and not recovered or found in a damaged situation and hence needs repairs. Other insured perils include the risk of burning maliciously done or by a fault within the car. Losses caused by perils of nature such as floods are covered as well. Social perils like riots are included in the cover.
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  • Third Party Fire & Theft
  • =YearlySubscription
  • A lower cover than comprehensive and restricting losses to the vehicle that result from accidental fire, theft. Accidental damage to the vehicle is excluded and the insured runs the risk should it happen. The insured vehicle while in use may cause damage to other person’s property and personal injury to others such as pedestrians.
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  • Third Party Only
  • =YearlySubscription
  • The policy only operates when the vehicle causes accidental damage to other person’s property such as collision with another vehicle. In this instance we only repair the third party’s vehicle.

    The insured vehicle may also cause injury to third party person’s injury then that is also covered.

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